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Facebook / Drive By BINGO

During the month of September, The Arbors Harbor Town will be playing Facebook/ Drive-by Bingo!  

We will be posting Bingo numbers on our Facebook page and in our leasing office from September 7th - 30th or until there is a winner.

Playing is simple.

1.  Stop by the leasing office to pick up your bingo card betweenn now and Wednesday Sept 6th.  

2. Like us on Facebook at

3. Start watching for our bingo numbers to be posted, beginning September 7th.

If you don't have Facebook, you can still play.  We will post the numbers in the leasing office each day as well.

4.  We play to fully cover or "blackout" the bingo card.  Once you "blackout" your card, please post "BINGO!" on Facebook AND you must bring the card to our leasing office for verification.  The first card in the leasing office wins!

5.  Once card is brought to the leasing office and verified.  YOU WIN $100.



If you have any questions, please call the leasing office for more information.

Let the games begin!!!



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